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Electromagnetic Stimulator

TMS Device

TMS has the function of implementing neural control by stimulating specific parts of the brain using electromagnetic induction formed by the coil. Magnetic stimuli are non-invasive and can be controlled safely and effectively because the magnitude of the stimuli do not decrease through the strong resistor such as the skull or scalp and do not form a strong current density in the scalp, resulting less pain.

MagRex : Multipurpose Electromagnetic Stimulation Device

MagRex Feature

Select between 8-shaped coil and circular coil
Max. 7.5Tesla level high output
Stimulation protocol up to Max. 150Hz
30 Basic Programs, 30 Custom Programs
Intuitive and convenient 10-inch graphic user interface
Select between 230mm 8-shaped probe and 170mm circular probe
  • TMS
  • 7.5Tesla
  • 30 Basic Programs,
    30 Custom Programs
  • Coil Cooling System
  • 10inch touch screen

MagRex Specification

Magnetic induction amplitude(Intensity) 0~7.5Tesla
Shape of stimulation pulse Biphase
Pulse duration 300us
Stimulation frequency 0.1~150Hz
Mode Basic Programs 30
Custom Programs 30
Supply voltage 230V~, 50/60 Hz
Dimension Main body (W*L*H, mm) 380 * 520 * 950
Total weight 64Kg