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Electromagnetic Stimulator

  • 3Tesla
  • 5Auto mode,
    5Memory mode
  • Coil Cooling System
  • Low output laser
NEURO MSL A combination of Laser and Electro-Magnetic Stimulator
Powerful, reliable performance NEURO MSL is new concept device that helps to relivev pain diseases by penetration strong pulse-type magnetic field momentarily to the human body and action deep in muscle and nervous system.
Model Name NEURO MSL
Magnetic induction amplitude (Intensity) MAX 3 Tesla
Shape of stimulation pulse Biphase
Pulse duration 250 μs
Stimulation frequency 0.1~30 Hz
Single mode 1
Continues mode 1
Auto mode 5
Memory mode 5
Laser Laser Output 4.5mW X 3
LED Output 6 Point / Wavelength 650nm
Power Supply voltage 230V~, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption, not more than Max. 2.3 KVA
Size, Weight Main body(W*L*H, mm) 365*465*1035
Total weight 56.5 kg