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Electromagnetic Stimulator

Electromagnetic Stimulation
When a powerful, pulsed magnetic field passes through a good conductor like a human body, an eddy current is created and this bioelectric current has an effect on tissues in the human body through an electrophysiological mechanism. The muscles in our body contract because the motor nerves connected to muscle tissues become stimulated. Also, the bioelectric current has an electrophysiological effect on our sensory nerves, blood vessels and bone tissues as well.
Electromagnetic induction produced from the coil wire Electromagnetic induction produced from the human body

Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy

  • A powerful, pulsed magnetic field passes through our body and cures all sorts of neural and musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Electromagnetic stimulation can reach the bones which electrical stimulation cannot reach, allowing more effective stimulation reaching as deep as10cm.
  • It can stimulate the central nervous system and peripheral nerves and, be used for curing a wide variety of neuropathic disorders and symptoms like pain, paralysis as well as urinary and genital disorders.
  • As a non-invasive and non-contact method, the patient does not have to undress nor worry about tissue damage or infections.

Electromagnetic Stimulation Features

  • Performance features the world’s strongest output an electromagnetic stimulation device can offer. Experiences its smooth yet powerful stimulation.

  • Stability is used in various environment with different temperatures, humidity levels and electrical stability. You can use NEURO MS stably anywhere you are. We’ve developed and introduced the coil internal circulation cooling system into NEURO MS and maximized the coil cooling efficiency. Its cooling system allows the coils to maintain a constant temperature and the device to operate with maximum efficiency.

  • Economical has an impeccable design and structure and, a very low failure rate. Also, costs for the parts can be saved because NEURO MS does not have any expandable components.

  • Convenience Patients do not have to undress for their treatment and physicians can easily operate the device without a complicated training process.

  • Technology We currently own a patent for a pulse-variating power supply system which is a core technology required for an electromagnetic stimulation system and a cooling systems in Korea. (Patent Pending in the U.S.)

Pulse-Variating Power Supply System
We currently own a patent for a pulse-variating power supply system which is a core technology required for an electromagnetic stimulation system and by using this system, we can maintain a longer pulse rise time and create various forms of pulses.
Cooling System for Electromagnetic Stimulator & Cooling System with a Thermoelectric Module
We currently have the technology and the patent for a cooling system for the coil that generates magnetic fields. By using this technology and systems, we were able to solve the heating problem in the original MS System and build an electromagnetic stimulator that can be operated stably for a long time.
Special Cooling type coil for Magnetic stimulator
We designed an innovative coil. Using this, we have developed an electromagnetic stimulation device that provides a soft feel, strong output strength, and safe use.

Areas where Electromagnetic Stimulation is Effective

  • Pain Treatment
    Herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP), Herniated lumbar intervertebral disc(HLID), acute and chronic neck pain from sprain, backache, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis(OA), ligament injuries, tendinitis, fracture, muscle pain
  • Treatment of Paralysis
    Peripheral nerve injuries, stroke, blood circulation
  • Treatment of Urinary and Genital Disorders
    Urinary incontinence, prostate infection, prostatism, sexual dysfunction

Fields Where Electromagnetic Stimulation is Used

  • Orthopedics
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Pain Medicine
  • Urology and Gynaecology