Human Technology Future specialized company with tradition for medical devices
which has been developing and manufacturing medical devices


Medical device Manufacturing company

The objective of MR INC. is to become a world leader in the field of electromagnetic stimulation devices and contributed to the improvement of human life quality

To change is to reform, and is the basis for
establishing a stepping stone for new development.

With the advent of the time of the 4th industrial revolution, we are living in a society that changes day by day.
Likewise in the medical field, it is evident that we must be able to adapt to the changing
environment to bring improvement to health services.
Our corporation, MR (stands for Medical Revolution), has established to keep up with the
social needs and aims to blow a fresh breeze in the medical field.
MR INC. has been researching and developing various advanced medical diagnosis and treatment devices including
the magnetic stimulation device and is putting our utmost effort to become a world-class medical device manufacturing company.
We promise to do our best to satisfy our customers under the motto of our company
‘consistency’, and will do our best to provide the best medical service.
With many thanks.

  • Trust
    We have been consistently and faithfully walked our way with the customers, for 15 years.
  • Technology
    We are developing and manufacturing various advanced medical devices such as magnetic field treatment machine and medical laser beam machine.
  • Future
    Based on accumulated technology and trust of, consumers, we are continuing our research for, the development of the geriatric and intractable, disease treatment device.